How to Find Your Local Internet Service Provider - dummies

How to Find Your Local Internet Service Provider

By Mark L. Chambers

Locating an ISP is easy in the modern, Internet-savvy world. In the order that you should try them, here are the tricks recommended for finding your local ISPs:

  • Check with your cable or telephone companies. If you’re already subscribing to cable service in your area, you’re likely to be a candidate for cable Internet access. Also, many local phone companies offer DSL access, but that access area is often limited to certain locations.

    Call the customer service numbers for these companies and check out what they offer — and don’t forget that a broadband cable, DSL, or cellular connection is always more expensive than an old-fashioned, dial-up connection. (“Maude, did you see the Internet bill this month?”)

  • Get recommendations from friends and neighbors. Folks love to give free advice. Ask them how much they’re paying, how reliable the connection has been, and how well they rate the ISP’s technical support.

  • Check your phone directory. Check the phone book for Internet service.

  • Investigate ISP websites. If you have Internet access at work, a friend’s house, or your local public library, you can surf to My ISPFinder, where you can search for ISPs in your ZIP code.