How to Enroll Clients in Profile Manager’s MDM - dummies

How to Enroll Clients in Profile Manager’s MDM

By John Rizzo

Once a configuration profile has been created in Lion Server’s Profile Manager, the users can access it from a web browser in order to enroll their device in Profile Manager’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) service.

When a device is enrolled, the MDM service pushes configuration changes to the device, so the user no longer needs to access the web portal. (An enrollment is actually a type of configuration profile.) Enrollment also enables a user to lock or wipe the Mac or iOS device from the web portal.

Here’s how to enroll a device:

  1. From the Lion Mac or iOS device, log in with a web browser at

    The My Devices page appears.

  2. Click the Devices tab.

  3. Click the Enroll button.


  4. After the configuration profile file downloads and you’re warned that settings will be changed, click the Install button.

    You’re asked for a password if there’s an e-mail configuration in the profile.

To remotely lock or wipe a device from the admin’s Profile Manager web page, choose either command from the gear icon. Users can find the commands in their My Devices page under the Devices tab.