How to Enforce Managed Preferences in Lion Server - dummies

How to Enforce Managed Preferences in Lion Server

By John Rizzo

When you configure Managed Preferences in Lion Server, system and user settings are preconfigured for easy management in Workgroup Manager under the Preferences icon. During this process, you are given the opportunity to set restrictions, or enforcement setting, on the managed preferences that you set up.

The enforcement settings appear at the top of the Workgroup Manager window that appears when you select the Preferences icon, select an account, select the Overview tab, and then select a preferences icon.

You can set managed preferences with four different restrictions:

  • Always: The preference is enforced continuously. Users will not be able to change the preference.

  • Once: The directory sets the preference one time. The user is then free to change the setting.

  • Often: The Often setting isn’t present in Workgroup Manager’s Overview tab for preferences management, but it can be set within the raw preferences manifests with the Details tab. Often sets the preference when the user logs in. During the user session, the preference can be changed, but it’s reset on subsequent logins to the managed setting.

  • Never: Effectively, Never means that preferences management for that setting is disabled, and the user can set whatever preferences are desired.