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How to Enable Calendars and Blogs in Lion Server’s Built-in Web Site

By John Rizzo

Users can administer wikis that they create in Lion Server’s built-in web site, as well as group wikis, from a web browser within the wiki. They can turn on a group calendar, edit the wiki’s name, change user access permissions, and perform other tasks.

This is all accomplished from the main wiki page of the user or group site. Click the Actions menu (gear icon) in the toolbar and choose Settings. (If you aren’t an owner of the wiki, the Settings item won’t appear.)

The Settings page appears with the General settings displayed. In the left sidebar are links to different types of settings.


A wiki can have its own web calendar. You first need to have iCal service turned on in the Server app. You also have to be an owner of a wiki. You also have to be using a computer or an iPad; you can’t turn on a web calendar with an iPhone or iPod touch. An iPad can use a web-based calendar, but an iPhone cannot.

To create a calendar for a wiki, go to its Services page. Click the Services item in the left column and click the Calendars check box. (If the check box is grayed out, iCal Server probably isn’t running.) You can also enable a blog for this wiki by clicking the Blogs check box.

A Calendar link appears in the upper right of pages; you use it to view the shared wiki calendar and add events to it. The web calendar is also available at this URL: http://your-domain/webcal.

The home page of the website doesn’t have a link to the web calendar. You can add one by clicking the pencil icon in the toolbar of the home page and adding a link.

Mac users can use iCal Server with the iCal software that comes with Mac OS X. One reason to use a wiki-based calendar is that it grants access to Windows and Linux users as well.

However, users of iCal, Outlook, and Google Calendar can subscribe to a wiki calendar to get a read-only view from their calendar clients. You can do this by clicking the View Calendar Settings button of a wiki calendar and choosing Add or Subscribe. (iCal users should choose Add.)