How to Edit Inherited ACL Permissions in Lion’s Server App - dummies

How to Edit Inherited ACL Permissions in Lion’s Server App

By John Rizzo

When you use ACL inheritance settings in Lion Server, subfolders created inside a folder will inherit the permissions of the original folder. If you have a subfolder or file that you don’t want to have those permissions, you can remove them or edit them for just that folder without changing the inheritance settings for the other subfolders.

Editing these permissions for a particular user or group is referred to as making the inherited permissions explicit. Removing a user’s or group’s permissions for a folder with inherited permissions is called removing an ACL entry.

Open the Server app and do the following:

  1. Click the name of your server in the sidebar under Hardware.

  2. Click the Storage tab and browse for and select the shared folder.


  3. Click the gear icon and select Edit Permissions from the pop-up menu.

    A list of users and groups with permissions appears. Permissions listed here that are inherited from a higher-level folder will be grayed out.

  4. Click the gear icon in the permissions dialog and select one of these options from the pop-up menu:

    • Make Inherited Entries Explicit: When you choose this option, the formerly inherited permissions will no longer be grayed out and are editable.

    • Remove Inherited Entries: The grayed-out inherited permissions disappear from the list.

  5. Click the Cancel button to redo your selection or the OK button to approve.