How to Create User and Group Accounts in Lion Server - dummies

How to Create User and Group Accounts in Lion Server

By John Rizzo

If you’re hosting a network directory on your Mac OS X Lion server and want to get a quick start at setting up user and group accounts, you can do so with the Server app. Here are the quick-and-dirty steps to follow:

  1. Launch the Server app from the Dock and log in.

  2. Select Users from the sidebar and click the Add (+) button.

  3. In the New User dialog that appears, type a username and password and then click Done.

That’s it. Just lather, rinse, and repeat, and you’ll have a directory of users in a matter of minutes.

You can also create group accounts by selecting Groups in the sidebar, clicking the Add (+) button and clicking Done. To add a user to a group, click Users in the sidebar and double-click a username. Click the Add (+) button below the Groups field and type the name of a group. Then click Done. It’s that easy to get user and group accounts set up in Lion Server.

Of course, this is just a brief description to get you up and running. There’s much you can do when creating and managing directories and user accounts in Lion server.