How to Create Resources and Locations in Lion’s iCal Server - dummies

How to Create Resources and Locations in Lion’s iCal Server

By John Rizzo

In addition to creating events and inviting people to them, users of Lion’s iCal Server can reserve locations, such as meeting rooms, or resources, such as projectors or other equipment.

In iCal Server, resources and locations share some of the attributes of users and groups, in that they can accept event invitations. When booking a room, iCal Server checks whether the time period is free and accepts the booking like an event invitation. Users can include resources and locations in invitations along with people they’re inviting.

Resources and locations each get their own calendar. You can have iCal Server accept invitations if the resource or location is free or mark it as “busy” if it’s not. You can also delegate approval of invitations so that a real user approves the use of a resource.

A third option is to have the iCal Server accept invitations automatically, while assigning a delegate to view and edit the calendar of a resource or location.

You use the Server app to add resources and locations. (Snow Leopard Server’s iCal Server Utility is gone.) Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you have turned on the iCal Server.

    In the Server app, click the iCal icon.

    Click the big switch to the On position.


  2. In the iCal Server pane of the Server app, click the Add (+) button near the bottom of the window.

  3. Click the Type menu and select Location or Resource.

  4. Type a name for the item in the Name field.

  5. Click the Accept Invitations menu and choose Automatically or With Delegate Approval.

  6. (Optional) Type the name of a user to be a delegate.

    Delegates must be users with accounts in the network directory that the server is bound to (including Open Directory service running on your server Mac). As you type in the Delegate field, a drop-down menu appears with suggestions and a Browse command, giving you a list of all users in the directory.

    Note that you can add a delegate and still set Accept Invitations to Automatic.

  7. Click Done.


The item you created appears in the Locations and Resources list. You can go back and edit an item in this list by selecting it and clicking the pencil icon.