How to Create an Open Directory Master with Lion’s Server App - dummies

How to Create an Open Directory Master with Lion’s Server App

By John Rizzo

If you didn’t choose to create or import an Open Directory master during the initial installation and setup of your Lion Server, you can create an Open Directory master with the Server app.

Open the Server app from the Dock or the Applications folder. If prompted, enter the username and password for the local administrator. To set up an Open Directory master, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Manage menu and choose Manage Network Accounts.

    If you see only a Connect to Server item in the menu, then you haven’t logged in. Select it, log in, and then choose Manage Network Accounts.

    If you already have an Open Directory master on the server, this item doesn’t appear in the menu.

  2. Click the Next button in the introductory dialog that appears.


  3. Type a name and password for the directory administrator.

    The default is Directory Administrator (short name diradmin).

  4. In the next screen, enter an organization (or department) name to identify your server and then type an administrator e-mail address for users to contact.

  5. In the Confirm Settings dialog, look over your settings, click the Back button to change settings, or click Set Up.

If the Server app fails to create your Open Directory shared domain, DNS is a likely culprit. DNS service has to be set up before you create an Open Directory master. The Server app also doesn’t allow you to change the LDAP search base path or the Kerberos realm name or to see the confirmation that these settings match the DNS server hostname.

Just because you used the Server app to create the shared domain doesn’t mean you can’t also use Server Admin and Workgroup Manager. After the directory is created, you can switch among the applications.

If you ever need to return a server’s Open Directory role to a stand-alone server or perform other advanced management of an Open Directory master, use Server Admin. Select Open Directory in the expanded list of services, click the Settings icon in the toolbar, and click the General tab. Then click the Change button and follow the directions.

You can also use Server Admin to create an Open Directory master, with more options at your disposal.