How to Create a New Wiki and Set Access in Lion Server - dummies

How to Create a New Wiki and Set Access in Lion Server

By John Rizzo

Any server can host a website, but Lion Server creates a complete, dynamic site for you, prebuilt. By merely turning on web and Wiki services, every user gets an automatically updated web portal called My Page. Users get access to a collaborative environment that includes wikis, blogs, web calendars, and mailing lists. Both administrators and users can create a wiki. Just follow these steps:

1Bring up the Create New Wiki dialog.

You can bring up this dialog in one of two ways:

From the Server app, administrators can create a wiki from a Group’s page. Click Groups in the sidebar and double-click the name of a group in the list. Then click the Create Group Wiki button.

From one of the web pages of the built-in website, a user can click the Add (+) button in the upper right and choose New Wiki.

2In the Create a New Wiki dialog, type a name and description for the wiki and then click Next.

Optionally, before clicking Next, click the Upload Image button to add a photo or image to be the icon for the wiki. A 48-x-48-pixel image is optimal, but any image will work.

3In the Set Wiki Access dialog, choose an access permission for each type of user.

By default, three items appear: you (the owner); Any Other Logged In User; and All Guests. For each, you have the following choices from the pop-up menus: Owner (can change settings), Read and Write, Read Only, and No Access. (Here, you’re creating a type of access control list, used in file sharing.)

4To add another user or group, type a name in the empty field at the top, hit Return, and then choose a type of permission.

For example, you can add the Art Department and set permission to Read and Write.

5Click the Create button and then click the Go to Wiki button.

The home page for the new wiki appears, in editing mode.

6Make changes by clicking the pencil icon in the toolbar.

You can also create a new page for the wiki by choosing the Add (+) menu in the upper right and selecting New Page from the pop-up menu. Users who don’t have write permissions for the wiki won’t see this option in the menu.