How to Create a DNS Machine Record for the Lion E-Mail Server - dummies

How to Create a DNS Machine Record for the Lion E-Mail Server

By John Rizzo

In addition to an MX record, the DNS zone needs to have an entry called a Machine Record (A) defined for the Lion Server mail service, using the same Mail server hostname that you used in the MX record.

1Click the triangle to the left of the selected zone to display the list of records for that zone.

If you see an entry for your mail host, you’re done.

2Click the zone to select it and choose Add Machine (A) from the Add Record pop-up menu just below the zone list.

A record called newMachine is added to the zone.

[img id:303662]
[img id:303663]

3With the new machine record still selected, go to the Machine Name field below and type the hostname of the mail server.

In this example, the hostname is mail.

4Change the IP Address to the address of the mail server.

Double-click the default IP address ( to select it and replace it with the IP address of the Mac server.

5(Optional) Enter the hardware and software information about your server in the appropriate boxes.

You don’t have to enter this information, but it is a good idea for documentation purposes.

You might want to use the Comments box to include the location of the server or any other information that might identify it.

6Click the Save button.

Your machine record has been added to the DNS server.