How to Create a Basic Contact Group in Mac OS X Lion - dummies

How to Create a Basic Contact Group in Mac OS X Lion

By Bob LeVitus

Why would you want to organize your Address Book contacts into groups in Mac OS X Lion? The main reason is practical: you can send e-mail to everyone in a group that you’ve defined with a single click. So when you want to send an e-mail to all the parents of kids on your son’s indoor football team, you merely address it to your Flag Football Parents group, and all 12 families in that group receive it.

Here’s how to create a group and add contacts to it:

  1. Launch the Address Book application by double-clicking its icon in the Applications folder or clicking its Dock icon.

  2. To create a new group, File→New Group or press Command+Shift+N.

    An untitled Group appears in the Group column with “untitled group” highlighted.

  3. Type a descriptive name for this group and then press Enter or Return.

  4. Click All Contacts on the left side of the window to show all your contacts on the right side.

  5. Click the contacts you want in the group on the right side.

    Hold down the Command key as you select contacts if you want to select more than one contact.

    You can use the search field (magnifying-glass icon) at the top of the window to find a contact or contacts and then drag them onto the group to add them.

  6. Drag the selected contact names onto the group.


    Address Book considerately displays the number of contacts you’re dragging, which happens to be seven in this instance.

In summation, to add a contact to a group, drag the contact onto the group. And that’s all there is to creating your own groups.