How to Configure Profiles on Lion Clients - dummies

How to Configure Profiles on Lion Clients

By John Rizzo

Once a configuration profile has been created in the Profile Manager in Lion Server, either the one created by the Server app or your own, the users can access it from a web browser. They’ll have to download a configuration profile.

Enrolling the device in the mobile device management (MDM) service provided by Profile Manager may be more efficient then the download method, as it will automatically push profile changes to the device.

Here’s how to download a profile to have Profile Manager configure the client device:

  1. From the Lion Mac or iOS device, log in with a web browser at

    The My Devices page appears.

  2. Click the Profiles tab.

    Clicking the Show Contents link displays what settings are in the profile.


  3. Click the Install button.

    This step downloads a file with a filename in the form name-of-profile.mobileconfig. A new window opens, describing what’s in the profile and asking you to approve.

  4. Inspect the window that appears for accuracy.

    In Mac OS X 10.7, the downloaded configuration profile launches System Preferences, which displays a dialog. Click Show Profile to expand the list to get profile details.


  5. Click Continue and then click the Install button.

    On a Mac running Lion, System Preferences gets a new Profiles pane.