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How to Change Settings in Lion Server’s Built-in Web Site

By John Rizzo

User-created wikis in Lion Server’s built-in web site can be administered by the user that created them, from a web browser. They can turn on calendar service, edit the name of the wiki, change user permissions, and perform other tasks.

This is all accomplished from the main wiki page of the user or group site. Click the Actions menu (gear icon) in the toolbar and choose Settings. (If you aren’t an owner of the wiki, the Settings item won’t appear.)

The Settings page appears with the General settings displayed. In the left sidebar are links to different types of settings.


Turn on calendars and blogs for a wiki

To create a calendar for a wiki, go to its Services page. Click the Services item in the left column and click the Calendars check box. (If the check box is grayed out, iCal Server probably isn’t running.) You can also enable a blog for this wiki by clicking the Blogs check box.

A Calendar link appears in the upper right of pages; you use it to view the shared wiki calendar and add events to it. The web calendar is also available at this URL: http://your-domain/webcal.

Change the wiki name, icon, and description

The General page lets you change three aspects that identify the wiki site:

  • Wiki icon: Click the Upload Image button to change the default icon to any picture you might have. This icon appears in the list of wikis.

  • Wiki name: Type a new name in the Wiki Name field. This name appears on the top of every page of this wiki site, including related calendars and blogs.

  • Wiki description: This can be anything you like.

When you’re finished, click the Save button in the lower right of the screen.

Although you make these changes from the main wiki page, they apply to all the pages related to a wiki, including blogs, calendars, and other wiki pages.

Edit user permissions

The Permissions link on the wiki Settings page provides two basic functions: changing access by users and groups and defining access to comments.


In the top half, you have the same choices you have when you create a new wiki, and you can add new users and groups to give them access to the wiki.

At the bottom of the page, you can use the Comments pop-up menu to specify who can leave comments — only authenticated users or anyone — or to ban comments by setting this option to None. The Comment Moderation pop-up menu lets you require comments to be moderated for all commenters or just anonymous commenters. The default is no moderation.

Click the Save button in the lower right when you’re finished.

Edit the About page

The last item on the Settings page lets you edit the About page of your wiki specifically to include tags that would enable users to get to places relevant to the wiki.