How to Browse the Web with Safari from OS X El Capitan

By Bob LeVitus

With your Internet connection set up, you’re ready to browse the web from your Mac running OS X El Capitan. Safari is the web browser installed with OS X El Capitan.

If you don’t care for Safari, check out Firefox or Chrome, which are both free browsers and have features you won’t find in Safari. It never hurts to have a spare in case Safari has issues with a particular website.

To begin, just open your web browser. No problem. As usual, there’s more than one way. You can launch Safari by any of these methods:

  • Single-clicking the Safari icon on the Dock or Launchpad (look for the big blue compass that looks like a stopwatch, as shown)


  • Double-clicking the Safari icon in your Applications folder

  • Single-clicking a URL link in an email or other document

  • Double-clicking a URL link document (a .webloc file) in the Finder

When you first launch Safari, it displays the default Top Sites page, and you’re ready to browse.

Safari first displays the Top Sites page.

Safari first displays the Top Sites page.