How to Bind Windows Clients to a Shared Domain in Lion Server - dummies

How to Bind Windows Clients to a Shared Domain in Lion Server

By John Rizzo

Because Lion Server dropped the ability to act as a Primary Domain Controller (PDC) for Windows clients, Windows clients cannot authenticate to a directory hosted on Lion Server. However, you can run an Open Directory master and a PDC on a separate Mac running Mac OS X Server 10.6.8 Snow Leopard and bind Lion Server to it.

To bind Windows clients to Snow Leopard Server’s directory services, you connect it to a PDC, a Windows domain. With Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can bind only the Ultimate and Business editions. You can also bind Windows XP clients. Here’s how to bind them:

  1. Log in to Windows as an administrator.

  2. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu and then double-click the System icon.

  3. Click the Change Settings button.

    Note: Skip this step for Windows XP.

  4. Click the Computer Name tab and then click the Change button.

  5. Enter a computer name, if none exists.

  6. Click Domain, enter the Windows domain name of the Mac OS X Server PDC, and then click the OK button.

    If you don’t remember the Windows domain name, you can view it in Server Admin: Select SMB in the list of services under your server, click the Settings icon, and then click the General tab.

  7. In the dialog that appears, enter the name and password for an LDAP directory administrator and click OK.