How to Assign File-Sharing Protocols to a Lion Server Share Point - dummies

How to Assign File-Sharing Protocols to a Lion Server Share Point

By John Rizzo

When you create a share point in Lion Server, it’s shared automatically with the file-sharing protocols that both Mac and Windows computers can access, AFP and SMB. You can turn off either of these protocols and add webDAV access for iPads.

Turning off file-sharing protocols you’re not using for any given share point is a good practice. So, if you have a folder that only your Windows users access, turn off AFP for that folder.

To enable and disable file-sharing protocols for any given share point:

  1. In the Server app, click File Sharing in the sidebar.

  2. In the Share Points list, double-click the folder you want to configure.

    A settings pane appears for that share. The path to the shared folder is displayed at the top under the folder name.

    Because the path starts with /Volumes, you can tell that the folder resides on a drive or partition that is not the boot drive. On any Mac, the path for a non-booted volume starts this way. The V is always capitalized.


  3. Turn off a protocol for the share point by deselecting a check box next to Share with Mac Clients (AFP) or Share with Windows Clients (SMB).

    Note that SMB shares not only with Windows clients, but with most Linux clients as well.

  4. To give iPads access to the folder, select Share with iOS Devices (webDAV).

  5. Click the check box to allow guest access if you want to permit anonymous users to access the share point without logging in.

    This check box enables guest access for each of the protocols enabled.

  6. Click the Done button when finished.