Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for macOS Sierra - dummies

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for macOS Sierra

By Bob LeVitus

Part of macOS Sierra For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Make your work go faster with the following macOS Sierra keyboard shortcuts. Print the following handy chart and refer to it while using macOS Sierra.

Command Keyboard Shortcut
Add Selected Item to Sidebar Command+Control+T
Add Selected Item to Dock Command+Control+Shift+T
Close All Windows Option+Command+W
Close Window Command+W
Copy Command+C
Cut Command+X
Duplicate Command+D
Paste Command+V
Eject Disk Command+E
Find Command+F
Get Info (on selected item or items) Command+I
Show Inspector (on selected item or items) Command+Option+I
Go to All My Files Shift+Command+F
Go to Applications Folder Shift+Command+A
Go to Desktop Shift+Command+D
Go to Documents Folder Shift+Command+O
Go to Home Folder Shift+Command+H
Help Shift+Command+?
Hide Current Application Command+H
Hide Other Applications Command+Shift+H
Log Out Current User Shift+Command+Q
Make Alias Command+L
Minimize Window Command+M
Mission Control: All Windows Control+Up Arrow (F3 on Apple keyboards)
Mission Control: Application Windows Control+Down Arrow (Control+F3 on Apple keyboards)
Mission Control: Show Desktop F11 (fn+F11 on laptops) (Command+F3 on Apple keyboards)
Move to Trash Command+Delete
Empty Trash Shift+Command+Delete
New Finder Window Command+N
New Folder Shift+Command+N
New Smart Folder Option+Command+N
Next Window Command+`
Open Command+O
Quick Look (at selected item) Command+Y or Spacebar
Select All Command+A
Show Original (of selected alias) Command+R
Show/Hide Dock Option+Command+D
Show/Hide Toolbar Option+Command+T
Show/Hide Sidebar Option+Command+S
Show/Hide Path Bar Option+Command+P
Show/Hide Status Bar Command+/
Show/Hide Tab Bar Shift+Command+T
Turn VoiceOver On/Off Command+F5 (fn+F5 on laptops)
Undo Command+Z
Redo Command+Shift+Z
View Window as Icons Command+1
View Window as List Command+2
View Window as Columns Command+3
View Window as Cover Flow Command+4
Show View Options Command+J