Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for OS X El Capitan - dummies

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for OS X El Capitan

By Bob LeVitus

Part of OS X El Capitan For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Make your work go faster with these OS X El Capitan keyboard shortcuts. Print this chart and refer to it while using OS X El Capitan.

Command Keyboard Shortcut
Add Selected Item to Sidebar Command+Control+T
Add Selected Item to Dock Command+Control+Shift+T
Close All Windows Option+Command+W
Close Window Command+W
Copy Command+C
Cut Command+X
Duplicate Command+D
Paste Command+V
Eject Disk Command+E
Find Command+F
Get Info (on selected item or items) Command+I
Show Inspector (on selected item or items) Command+Option+I
Go to All My Files Shift+Command+F
Go to Applications Folder Shift+Command+A
Go to Desktop Shift+Command+D
Go to Documents Folder Shift+Command+O
Go to Home Folder Shift+Command+H
Help Shift+Command+?
Hide Current Application Command+H
Hide Other Applications Command+Shift+H
Log Out Current User Shift+Command+Q
Make Alias Command+L
Minimize Window Command+M
Mission Control: All Windows Control+Up Arrow (F3 on Apple keyboards)
Mission Control: Application Windows Control+Down Arrow (Control+F3 on Apple keyboards)
Mission Control: Show Desktop F11 (fn+F11 on laptops) (Command+F3 on Apple keyboards)
Move to Trash Command+Delete
Empty Trash Shift+Command+Delete
New Finder Window Command+N
New Folder Shift+Command+N
New Smart Folder Option+Command+N
Next Window Command+`
Open Command+O
Quick Look (at selected item) Command+Y or Spacebar
Select All Command+A
Show Original (of selected alias) Command+R
Show/Hide Dock Option+Command+D
Show/Hide Toolbar Option+Command+T
Show/Hide Sidebar Option+Command+S
Show/Hide Path Bar Option+Command+P
Show/Hide Status Bar Command+/
Show/Hide Tab Bar Shift+Command+T
Turn VoiceOver On/Off Command+F5 (fn+F5 on laptops)
Undo Command+Z
Redo Command+Shift+Z
View Window as Icons Command+1
View Window as List Command+2
View Window as Columns Command+3
View Window as Cover Flow Command+4
Show View Options Command+J