Create and Manage Events in Calendars in Mountain Lion - dummies

Create and Manage Events in Calendars in Mountain Lion

At the heart of the awesome Calendar app in Mac OS X Mountain Lion is the event. You can create events and invite others to join you. To create a new one, follow these steps:

  1. Choose File→New Event, press Command+N, double-click, or drag up or down anywhere on the calendar.

    If you double-click or click and drag on the day of the event, you can skip Step 2, and you don’t need to specify the date in Step 3.

    Alternatively, try the Create Quick Event (+) button. It’s smart enough to interpret commands like “Family Movie at 7PM on Thursday” and create a new event.


  2. If the event doesn’t appear in the proper place, just click it and drag it wherever you like.

  3. To edit an event, select it and choose Edit→Edit Event, press Command+E, or double-click it to open its event bubble.

    All the items with little arrows on their right sides — Repeat, Show As, Calendar, and Alerts — are pop-up menus. An Alert menu is popped up in the figure.

  4. When you’re satisfied with all of the event’s items, click the Done button.

If you prefer working in a little window rather than the event bubble, check out the Edit→Show Inspector command (Command+Option+I), which displays the selected event in a window. Click a different event, and its info instantly fills the Inspector window. Try it; you might like it.

The difference is that the Inspector window changes contextually and displays information about the currently selected event. Get Info windows, on the other hand, display info for a specific event. Put another way, a Get Info window displays the info for a specific event, and you can have as many Get Info windows on the screen as you like.

There’s only one Inspector window; it displays info for whichever event is currently selected.