Control Flow View in Mac OS X Mountain Lion - dummies

Control Flow View in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

If you’re familiar with the Cover Flow feature in iTunes or if you own an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (which do a Cover Flow thing when you turn them sideways in their iPod music-player mode), you’re already familiar with Cover Flow in Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

To display a window in Cover Flow view, click the Cover Flow view button on the toolbar, choose View→As Cover Flow from the Finder’s menu bar, or press cmd+4.


Cover Flow view has two cool features:

  • The item that’s selected in the list (The Wall Live in Austin (Stills) Part 14.JPG in the figure) appears in a preview in the top part of the window.

  • You can flip through the previews by clicking the images to the left or right of the current preview image or by sliding the black scroll bar below the preview to the left or right.