Burning CDs or DVDs onto Blanks with OS X El Capitan - dummies

Burning CDs or DVDs onto Blanks with OS X El Capitan

By Bob LeVitus

One way to burn files to a CD or DVD in OS X El Capitan is to simply insert a blank disc and select the files you want to burn on the fly.

Just follow these steps to burn a CD or DVD:

  1. Insert a blank CD or DVD disc.

    You see an alert that asks you what you want to do with the disc.

  2. Choose Open Finder from the Action pop-up menu.

    Open Finder is the default choice unless you’ve changed that default in the CDs & DVDs System Preferences pane.

    Your choices are

    • Open Finder: Mounts the blank disk in the Finder

    • Open iTunes: Opens iTunes automatically when you insert a blank CD

    • Open Other Application: Lets you choose the application to use when you insert a blank CD or DVD disc

    • Run Script: Runs a specified AppleScript when you insert a blank disc.

    Pick one or click the Ignore button to leave the disk in your drive without doing any of the above or the Eject button to eject the disk.

    If you didn’t ignore or eject the disk, if you want to make whichever action you selected the default for future disks you insert, enable the Make This Action the Default check box before you click OK.

  3. Click OK.

    Your blank CD or DVD mounts, and its icon appears in the Sidebar of Finder windows and on the Desktop regardless of whether your Finder Preferences are set that way. The mounted CD or DVD acts just like any other removable disc, but its distinctive icon tells you that it’s a recordable DVD (or CD).

  4. Drag files or folders.

    You can drag the files or folders onto the disc icon in the Sidebar or desktop, or open the disc and drag the files or folders to the disc’s window. Continue adding files or folders until the disc contains all the files you want on it or is full.

  5. (Optional) Change the disc’s name from Untitled DVD (or CD) the same way that you change the name of any file or folder.

  6. When you’re ready to finish (burn) your DVD (or CD), open its disc icon and click the Burn button (below the Search field near the top right).

  7. Choose a speed from the Burn Speed pop-up menu, click the Burn button, and you’re done.

    Select the Save Burn Folder To check box if you think that you may want to burn another copy of this disc someday.

    Warning: CD-RW and DVD-RW disks (the RW stands for rewritable) discs rarely work in devices other than your Mac, including CD (audio) players and DVD (video) players. If you burn a music CD or video DVD and intend to watch or listen to it on a device other than your Mac, make sure the disk is a CD-R or DVD-R; NEVER use rewritable CD-RW or DVD-RW disks.