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Add Hardware Troubleshooting and Repair to Lion Server

By John Rizzo

If something goes wrong with your Lion Server hardware, MicroMat’s TechTool Pro is good to have on hand for its hardware checking, troubleshooting, and repair and data recovery functions.

TechTool Pro can check your Mac’s system memory, which, when it goes bad, can cause all sorts of mysterious problems; it also checks the memory on your graphics card. TechTool Pro scans disks for bad blocks and directory corruption, scans files for problems, and performs a number of other tests.

The tests are also useful to run before you have problems. You can run individual tests or the entire suite. TechTool Pro can detect a potential problem with a piece of hardware and recommend a way to proceed. You can run tests while your server does its thing because the software doesn’t require a lot of resources.

The eDrive feature creates a bootable drive partition with every TechTool Pro tool installed. You don’t have to erase the drive to create this partition, which you can use when your Mac refuses to boot.

TechTool Pro can also fix drive problems. The Volume Rebuild feature re-creates disk directories, even on damaged drives, to bring a drive back to life or to improve performance with optimization. TechTool Pro includes several types of data recovery to pull important files off damaged drives; it can even recover deleted files.