How to Navigate iDVD in iLife ’11 - dummies

How to Navigate iDVD in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

On most Macs with iLife, you find the iDVD icon in the Dock, but in any case you can find it in the Applications folder. Double-click the icon to open iDVD. The iDVD main window is the control panel for modifying your iDVD project, offering the following elements:

  • Viewer: The Viewer shows the DVD project with animated menus in motion. Click the Motion button to turn motion on or off in the Viewer.

  • Motion playhead: The motion playhead shows the animated menu playback on a timeline. You can drag the playhead to see the animation without having to turn on motion.

  • Add and Info: Click Add to add a button to a menu for navigating to a movie, submenu, or slideshow. Click Info to show the Inspector window for the project’s DVD menu and drop zones.

  • Drop Zone and Drop Zone Editor: Many themes offer sections of the main background for running movies and slideshows. Drop zones aren’t links to movies; they show only part of the movie on your menu. You click the Drop Zone Editor button to open the Drop Zone Editor, which lets you fill, adjust, and rearrange drop zones.

  • Map view: Map view provides a visual overview of your DVD project as a tree structure, showing the relationship of the main menu to submenus. Map view also lets you add an autoplay movie to a project that starts playing immediately when the DVD is inserted into the player, before the main menu appears.

  • Motion: Click the Motion button to turn off the motion in animated menus and buttons to make them easier to edit in the Viewer; click the button again to turn motion back on to see the animation.

  • Volume: Drag the slider to control the computer’s volume as you work in iDVD.

  • Preview: Click the Preview button to preview the project.

  • Burn: Click the Burn button to burn a DVD-R disc.

  • Themes: Click the Themes button to browse and select themes. A theme is a professionally designed combination of background elements, a music clip, and a button style.

  • Buttons: Click the Buttons button to browse and select button styles. A DVD’s menu must offer buttons for viewers to use to play content and to access submenus.

  • Media: Click the Media button to open the Media Browser, and then click one of these tabs:

    • Audio: Browse your iTunes library or GarageBand songs and add them to the DVD project to enhance a slideshow or play behind a menu or submenu. All the themes allow you to change the theme music for their menus.

    • Photos: Browse your iPhoto library and drag albums, events, and keepsakes to create slideshows, or drag single photos to add to drop zones in the background or to replace the background image.

    • Movies: Browse your iMovie videos and other video files in your Movies folder, and add them to your project.