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How to Leverage LinkedIn Career Insights

By Roberto Angulo

Career Insights by LinkedIn is a great career discovery tool. It takes a different approach than AfterCollege’s Explore, revealing some very useful information. The tool gives you a good idea of the various career paths that alumni from your school take. LinkedIn takes the millions of profiles it has on its network and allows you to see trends.

For example, you can see at which organizations alumni work and what jobs they have. Given the size of LinkedIn’s user base, this is the best tool for getting such insight, even better than your alumni association.

Go through these steps to get Career Insights for your school:

  1. Go to LinkedIn.
  2. In the top-left search bar, enter the name of your college or university. You’ll land on a LinkedIn page for your school.
  3. Click See Alumni. You’re taken to the Career Insights page for your college or university, as shown here, where you’ll see the top cities where alumni live, the top organizations where they work, and the top jobs where they work.
LinkedIn Career Insights page for a university.

You can narrow the results by graduation year, by major, and by location. You’ll be able to see trends on where alumni from various years and majors work. And if you scroll down, you can see actual alumni profiles.

Reach out to alumni from your school to learn more about their work. Alumni are usually ready and willing to talk to current students.