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How to Answer Company-Related Questions at Job Interviews

During a job interview, you may need to answer some company-related questions. Employers expect you to grasp how the job fits into the overall company picture and what the position entails. Some of these questions could include: What do you see as the direction of this company? What do you know about our competition?

Here are some ways to respond to these and other company-related job interview questions.

If you mention problems in the company’s performance, offer general solutions (additional training, financial fixes, workforce restructuring, and the like). Cite statistics and figures to back up the problems you note along with your bright ideas to remedy them.

What do you know about this position?

  • From your research, discuss how the position fits into the company structure and how you would fit like a glove into that position.

  • Mention how you can help the company achieve its goals.

  • Confirm your understanding of the broad responsibilities of the position. Ask whether you missed any key points (thereby setting up topics to discuss your qualifications).

What do you know about our competition?

  • Discuss the current climate of the industry and how competitors are affected.

  • Add details that show you truly understand the industry and the competition.

  • Analyze the impact global competition is having on the industry.

What are your opinions about some of the challenges facing our company?

  • Show the depth of your research by discussing some of the company’s upcoming projects.

  • Mention several possible solutions to potential problems the company may be facing, acknowledging that you lack certainty without proprietary facts.

What do you see as the direction of this company?

  • Give a brief but somewhat detailed answer, displaying a solid grasp of the company’s movement in the industry. Add how you can help.

  • Support your answer with facts and figures, citing their source.

Why did you apply to this company?

  • The position is a compelling opportunity and the company a place where your qualifications can make a difference. Explain why.

  • You heard about a new service the company is launching, which is somewhat related to a project you helped create in a (college) senior year project; you find the potential exciting. Ask if the interviewer would like to hear about your project.

Our company has a mission statement; do you have a personal mission statement — or personal vision?

  • In one or two sentences, give examples of your values (customer service, ethics, honor, keeping one’s word, and so on) that are compatible with the company’s.

  • Review the company’s mission statement on its Web site and describe a compatible aim.

How will you help our company?

  • Summarize how your key skills can help the company toward its goals.

  • Describe the wide circle of contacts and other intangible benefits you can bring to the company.