How to Glean Employee Insights on LinkedIn - dummies

How to Glean Employee Insights on LinkedIn

By Roberto Angulo

LinkedIn is a great resource for getting good insights about a particular employer. For instance, you can see who works there and whom you may know, whether it’s directly or via a friend or colleague. Note that this only works if you’re connected to other people on LinkedIn and if any of them work at the employer of interest.

To find people on LinkedIn, just go to, type the employer name in the search box, and go to the employer page. You’ll see a list of your connections on the right side of the page. Click the Connections link to see a detailed list of people you know.

On that same page, you can also see people you know who previously worked for the employer. Simply uncheck the employer’s name under the Current Companies filter and check it again under the Past Companies filter. You may be able to get more candid feedback from contacts who previously worked for the organization.

You can use LinkedIn to gain other insights on an employer as well. For example, you can see if there’s anyone from your school who works there. On the employer page, click the See All Company Employees on LinkedIn link. On the right, scroll down to the Schools filter, and select your school. You’ll see current and past employees of that company who went to your school.

You can click the various user profiles to see the job titles that individuals hold. You can also see how long they’ve been at the company. These insights help you get a good glimpse of what kind of people work at the company, the titles they hold, and how long they stay.