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How to Gauge Employee Morale on Glassdoor

By Roberto Angulo

Glassdoor is a large Internet job board that is best known for its reviews on companies conducted by current and past employees. These reviews rate aspects of an employer including the workplace, fellow team members, and the CEO of the organization. You can scroll through the review section for a specific employers and read detailed accounts from current and former employees. Just go to, click Company Reviews, and type the company name in the search box. When you get to the company’s page, click the Reviews tab.

Sort the reviews by date, from most recent to oldest, because this gives you the best picture of what’s happening now at the particular employer. A lot of bad reviews from three years ago may be irrelevant if the reviews for the past year have been stellar. Conversely, if the company had great reviews in the past and has bad reviews currently, you may want to avoid the company.

It typically takes a company about a year to go from being good to bad or bad to good. So focus on reviews for the past 12 months.