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How to Find Employers with New-Grad Programs

By Roberto Angulo

A number of large employers rely heavily on new college graduates and entry-level talent to staff their businesses. As a result, they offer new-grad programs that teach new hires about the company culture, arm them with skills that are relevant to the job, and provide experience. These programs are ideal if you’re looking for a structured environment that will give you solid guidance as you embark on your career. Here are some examples of the types of new-grad programs available.

Rotation programs

Rotation programs are great because they let you try out various roles at a company before committing to one. Think of it as a “shopping before buying” for your career. Intel, for example, offers rotation programs in different fields such as finance, human resources, information technology, and sales and marketing. You can try a role every 18 to 36 months.

You can usually apply for rotation programs and learn more about them via the employer’s website.

You can find employer rotation programs on job sites and you can also go to Google and do a simple search yourself. Just search for new-grad rotation programs.

Nursing programs

Are you interested in becoming a nurse or in the process of getting your nursing degree? When you complete your degree, usually a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) or higher, you’ll need to gain some hands-on experience. Find a hospital or healthcare organization that offers a nursing new-grad or nurse-residency program. These programs usually last one year, and you get paired up with a senior nurse, called a preceptor. You’ll get exposed to the various aspects of nursing, and you can choose from specific specialty areas.

Employers that offer nursing new-grad residency programs are usually well-established hospitals and include prominent names such as UCLA Health, Children’s National Health System, and Cedars-Sinai.

You can find out about new-grad programs at your school and through your classmates. Many hospitals visit local nursing schools to promote their residency programs. You can also find out about these programs by searching on Google or entry-level job sites like Just search for nursing new grad.

Some sites require the use of quotation marks; others don’t. Try both to see what yields the best results.

Sales programs

When people think of sales, they usually think of car salesmen or door-to-door salesmen. These are just two types of sales out of many. Sales and sales-related jobs are among the most prevalent in the labor market. If you like sales and know how to do it well, you can go into a variety of industries and have a very lucrative career. For example, you can work in pharmaceutical sales, enterprise software sales (selling software packages to large companies), or selling subscriptions or software over the phone.

Oracle, a large cloud-based software company, offers a multi-week sales training program for its new college hires. The program trains you on new sales-related skills each week and involves working in teams with a class of other recent graduates. You also get to shadow an experienced salesperson before you start your job. On the website of a good sales training program, you should be able to find videos, testimonials, and detailed information about what the program entails.

Having good sales skills opens opportunities in various fields. You can couple these sales skills with knowledge of a specific industry or product to make a good income.

Be wary of sales training programs that don’t offer to pay you or that offer commission only opportunities. Yes, the company may be investing in training you, but you’re also investing your time in it. Established programs will pay you a base salary on top of commission. Ask your classmates and friends who’ve gone into sales for advice. You can also look online on job sites or on Google by searching for +college +graduate +sales +training.