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Web Marketing: How to Present Your Joint-Venture Plan

By John Arnold, Michael Becker, Marty Dickinson, Ian Lurie, Elizabeth Marsten

Joint-venture hosts have a substantial public following, which can make them a great asset for web marketing for your business. They got to where they are because they (more often than not) genuinely care about people. When you arrive at your meeting with your potential joint-venture host, be ready to promote a joint-venture opportunity with the host’s audience in mind:

  • How will his followers benefit from your product?

  • What can they expect as a result of using what you produce?

  • Why are you the best person to make this offer to his list?

A host is always pressed for time, so you need to present how easy your joint-venture process will be. Be prepared to do all the work and even bend over backward for your host. You must present that your host will

  • Make a ton of money without spending a boatload of time.

  • Be at the top of your priority list.

  • Get special treatment. You might even decide to make a completely separate website just for your host to promote your product.

  • Benefit from your sales ability. You will surely need to prepare customized sales copy for e-mails to be sent to your host’s list, for example.

  • Be involved in the process.

  • Have a new team player at his side. You might well be invited as a guest speaker for a teleconference or even brought up on stage for a few minutes at an event in front of hundreds of people!

When it comes to joint ventures, think bigger than your normal day-to-day online sales strategies that trickle in from your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and Google AdWords campaigns. Sure, those are all important. But they are most important to generate numbers that you will eventually use to present your offer to future joint-venture hosts.

A huge growth opportunity awaits your company. Following the Internet marketing process from A to Z is what will get you there.

One last point: Dress well. Joint-venture hosts might wear jeans and a T-shirt to a meeting, but they appreciate it when you honor their stature by dressing professionally.