How to Add a Blog Search Result to iGoogle - dummies

How to Add a Blog Search Result to iGoogle

By John Arnold, Michael Becker, Marty Dickinson, Ian Lurie, Elizabeth Marsten

iGoogle offers many options for your online marketing needs. One option is to add a blog search result. Rather than follow just one specific blog, you can track what most blogs are saying, all at one time, by using Google Blog Search. Running a search for your company name, for example, shows every blog entry mentioning your company. Here’s how to subscribe:

  1. Go to Google.

    Execute a search for something that interests you, e.g. eucalyptus leaves.

  2. Click the More link on the left-hand side of the page and then choose Blogs.


  3. Search for your organization’s name.

    Enclose the name in double quotes. Using quotes narrows your search result to search for a phrase match on the words you entered, whether you have a one-word or a ten-word name.

  4. Click the magnifying glass icon.

    To see the most recent results first, click the Sort by Date link, in the middle of the left-hand navigation bar.

  5. Click the RSS link at the bottom of the page.


  6. Go back to your iGoogle homepage.

    You see the search result in a nice, neat box. When iGoogle adds a new blog post to this search result, you see it here.


You can add other search results, too. Examples include

  • Competitor names

  • Names of individuals in your company

  • Names of individuals at competitors

  • Product names

  • Your web address

  • Common typographical errors for all elements in this list.