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Google Analytics Case Study: International Yacht Charter Group

By Jan Zimmerman

International Yacht Charter Group locates and arranges crewed luxury yacht charters around the world. It uses Google Analytics to optimize its business website to enhance customer experience.

CEO Derek Holding has always paid attention to anything that might indicate a change in client behavior or interest. Analytics provides plenty of data to chew on: from where in the world site visitors are located to what they’re searching for, which pages they view, and for how long they view them.

Holding also reviews sophisticated items such as bounce rate and other internal measures. Because the purpose of the site is lead generation rather than online sales, he doesn’t use goals and ROI data as much as an Internet retailer might.

Holding doesn’t measure his company’s statistics for their own sake. “We constantly change our site using data from analytics. We are never finished,” he notes. “We rarely make any change without the use of data or knowledge of what any change may do to our traffic, online positions, and lead basis.”

Although the volume of data available by way of analytics may look daunting, Holding asserts that online data — though different in terminology — is the same data that traditional marketers know and love from offline. For him, analytics is merely another reflection of every marketer’s need to understand his audience.

“Many companies believe that a good-looking website is the most important thing, just like a great physical storefront in a mall is important,” he acknowledges. “But there’s hundreds of years’ experience in how to make physical stores work inside. Companies should not throw out that knowledge when planning their website if it is to do the same job.”