Your Sales Prospecting Mindset - dummies

Your Sales Prospecting Mindset

Part of Sales Prospecting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Reinforce your sales prospecting mindset with a few tips, starting with this: Remember that everyone you meet is a potential sales prospect and you have the key to success: You look at people differently, the needs they may have, and how you’re able to help them.

Also consider this advice:

  • Learn to love the word “No.”

    If you earn $100 for each closed transaction and it takes five contacts to make a sale, you really earn $20 for each contact. Every time you hear the word “No,” you should say to yourself, “Thanks for the $20!”

  • Adopt the S.T.P. formula for prospecting.

    Make a daily commitment to See Twenty People every day and watch how your business grows!