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Once you have built a direct sales team and a large list of customers, relocating can be very challenging. You are dealing with a lot of emotions and the feeling that you have to start over.

The key is to stay positive and look at it as a new opportunity in a different area. You actually have the opportunity to expand your business. But no matter what, relocating can be difficult. So you will need some reassuring to happen:

  • Reassure your team. An important first step you will want to take when you decide to relocate is to reassure your team that you will still be there for them and will not abandon them. Let them know everything is going to be fine and put in place some concrete systems for staying in contact.

    The best thing you can do is find someone who is either a leader or close to promoting and give them some ownership of that area. Train them on what it means to be a leader and instruct them on how to handle your monthly meetings. A lot of times when someone is suddenly given this responsibility, they rise to the occasion and become the leader you always knew they could be. Make sure you choose wisely and talk with them so that everyone on your team is clear of the change and expectations.

    Phone and video conferencing — for example, Skype — are good ways to stay in touch with your team. If you don't have one already, creating a Facebook Group for everyone in your downline is something you will want to start. Posting training tips, news, and recognition in your Facebook Group will build confidence in your team that you have not abandoned them or have lost interest.

  • Reassure yourself. Some people go through a feeling of depression, and have a tendency to feel like they don't even know where to begin. This is and can be daunting, so first things first. Take it in small steps. Reassure yourself that you can continue to grow your team back home and expand your business in this new area.

    Try to set simple daily goals, like meeting one new person per day or making five phone calls a day. Don't feel like you have to build a new business in a new location overnight. Also, depending on the level of leadership you are at and the size of your team, you may have been more in the leadership or managing mindset — meaning less personal business.

  • Pretend you're new. Perhaps the easiest way to start over is to start from the beginning. This can be challenging to wrap your head around, but acting as if you are a new representative is the easiest way to start your business in a new location. Pretend you are a new representative and continue to re-promote yourself through the ranks of your company. Aside from needing to do it because of your relocation, this exercise can challenge you and get you excited about your business again. This time around, you will find yourself achieving promotions much faster than you did when you actually started your business.

  • Provide excellent customer care to existing clients. With the Internet and social media, running a business far away from your clients is very doable. And not only doable, but can still be very successful. The key is to maintain your relationships with your customers through phone, email and social media. Continue to service them as you would in your previous local area and they will order from you again and again. And don't forget to ask your existing clients if they know anyone in the area you are moving to who would be interested in your product or service.

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