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One thing you need to learn quickly in the direct sales business — in any business, for that matter — is that people are going to tell you no.

There are people who will not like or want your product. They won't want to book a party, and they won't think direct sales is for them. And that's okay. You can't let them bring you down, because getting a no actually means you are closer to getting a yes.

When someone tells you no, remind yourself that they aren't saying no to you because they don't like you as a person. They are saying no to the experience or to the product, maybe even because they don't understand it.

Sometimes people are so fearful they're going to get a no that it prevents them from getting a yes. The truth is, to get a yes, you need to get a number of no's. If you ask ten people and one says yes, that means nine say no. So, when you get the no, be excited about it — because you know that a yes is just around the corner!

Many tend to take rejection personally and let it affect the way they think about their business. The first few times you hear no from your friends, family, or coworkers, or if no one shows up to your launch party, you may want to abandon your dreams. You will want to lose your positive attitude. You will start convincing yourself of things like these:
  • Well, I really just wanted the products in the kit anyway.
  • I guess it wasn't meant to be.
  • I'm actually too busy with my other job.
  • I've earned back the cost of the kit, so it's no big deal.
In fact, many people talk themselves out of the business before it even starts. This is why you need to remain positive and committed to your goal. To get the results you want your for business, you have to stay focused, give your business the time and attention it deserves, and don't let the no's bring you down.

As with any new job, there are going to be times when you feel uncomfortable and unsure, especially at the beginning. But as long as you remain positive about your business — even through the no's — you will find yourself attracting people you want.

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