Signs a Customer is Interested in Closing a Sale

Part of Sales Closing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As you present your product or service to potential customers, you can close a sale more quickly if you recognize the signs that indicate that your customer is interested in buying. Notice the following behaviors and non-verbal cues and make use of them to help close your sales.

  • Asking general questions.

  • Asking specific, technical questions.

  • Intently reading brochures or other materials.

  • Verbal assents such as “uh-huh,” “hmm,” and “I see.”

  • Leaning forward.

  • Relaxing.

  • Smiling.

  • Showing affection, touching, or holding hands.

  • Touching the product.

  • Measuring the dimensions for fit.

  • Speeding up the buying pace.

  • Slowing down the buying pace.

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