Reasons for Not Buying to be Aware of to Close Sales

Part of Sales Closing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As you present your product to potential customers and try to close sales, you may have an idea of why people buy things, but knowing why they don’t buy can be just as important. The following list contains common reasons people don’t let you close a sale. Being aware of them can help you work around them and get to a “yes, I’ll buy it” response.

  • Your product fails to meet the customers’ needs.

  • Your product doesn’t stand out.

  • The customer procrastinates.

  • The customer doesn’t want to spend money on your product.

  • Your product is not marketed well.

  • The customer doesn’t trust you or your product.

  • The customer has had a bad experience in the past

  • The customer is indecisive.

  • Your product’s timing is poor.

  • The customer is happy with her current supplier.

  • You never asked the customer for the sale.

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