Making Winning Sales Presentations - dummies

Making Winning Sales Presentations

Part of Selling For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Selling is about the client winning, not you! The client’s operational style and their feelings around what might or might not happen are what you skillfully relate to what you have to sell. Try remembering these key points:

  • People don’t buy logically; they buy emotionally, so you need to get them feeling how good it is to have purchased, rather than simply telling them that it will feel good!

  • Clients buy for their reasons, not yours. Always present your offering in their language and relate the benefits to their personal scenario by adding stories and illustrating benefits using images or situations they can see or feel as ‘real’ to them.

  • People don’t need to hear everything that you know about your offering, so don’t overwhelm them. What is relevant is the one or two key points that they’ve talked about in your relationship-building conversation.