Making Sure You Have the Right Tools for Your Sales Presentation: Your Performance Tool Checklist

By Julie M. Hansen

Part of Sales Presentations For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your sales tools aren’t limited to your PowerPoint slides and projector. Used effectively, your voice, body, and movement can bring your presentation’s message to life and add impact. Follow the guidelines here to make sure that you’re using your voice, body, and movement to their highest potential.


____ Volume

____ Cadence

____ Emphasis

____ Clarity

____ Use of pauses

____ Variety

____ No filler words


____ Gestures

____ Open body language

____ Eye contact

____ Facial expressions

____ Confident stance

____ Relaxed body

____ Authentic

____ Congruent to message


____ Tied to purpose

____ Tempo

____ Sit or stand

____ Appropriate for room size

____ Set props