How to Close a Sale with a Tough Customer - dummies

How to Close a Sale with a Tough Customer

Part of Sales Closing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can do everything right in your efforts to close a sale, but some customers are just tough — they’re angry, they’re dissatisfied, they’re apathetic, they’re just not cooperating with your plan to close the sale. In these situations, try the ten tips in the following list and see whether you can get a positive outcome despite your customer’s best efforts.

  1. Acknowledge your customer’s anger.

  2. Stay calm.

  3. Clear your mind of all other clients.

  4. Make it clear that you are sincerely concerned.

  5. Don’t hurry your client.

  6. Adopt a what-have-I-got-to-lose attitude. (Don’t confuse this with a devil-may-care attitude.)

  7. Stay interested in the client’s needs and her situation.

  8. Understand why your customer feels out of control in the buying process.

  9. Ask questions — get the customer talking about solutions.

  10. Acknowledge the probability of a “worst-case scenario,” your losing your client. Do everything to prevent it.

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