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Enhance Your Phone System to Increase Sales Efficiency

By Marina Martin

It may never be appropriate to replace the human interactions usually involved in creating a sale, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t also a place for technology in the mix. For example, if your sales process is mostly phone-based, there are tools out there to help make calling faster and higher quality.

Auto dialers

Manually looking up and dialing phone numbers for each sales call is a huge waste of time in aggregate. An auto-dialer puts that time back in the hands of your salespeople by automatically dialing a new customer the moment your employee hangs up the phone from the last call.

Look for an autodialer that meets your needs, such as one that integrates with your CRM tool and can create lists of calls based on your criteria (for example, you would want to exclude leads by time zone toward the beginning of the day to avoid waking people up!).

Another good feature is to be able to pause between calls for a set period of time (say, five minutes) so your salespeople have time to write up notes or take care of follow-up actions.

You also definitely need a means of pausing the autodialer for lunch or quick breaks. This may seem obvious, but some systems don’t have this built-in!

Quantity does not always mean quality. Your sales team is better off making 20 high-quality sales calls per day than 100 mediocre ones.

Quality control recordings

“This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes” feels like the standard greeting for most automated phone systems. Although you should check with your legal counsel before implementing call recordings, they are generally helpful both for making sure your salespeople (as well as your customer support staff) are providing the level of service you expect and for protecting yourself from “he said, she said” arguments if legal disputes arise.