Creating a Simple Purchasing Process for Your Business - dummies

Creating a Simple Purchasing Process for Your Business

Make buying a breeze and you’ll have happy customers. The process of buying your product or services should be quick and simple. Your customers should find it painless.

If your customers find the buying process to be simple and straightforward, they are more likely to return.

Here are some things to consider.

  • Make the transaction flawlessly easy. In professional service businesses, see that the contract is professionally produced, error free, easy to understand, and delivered in a manner that reinforces the caliber of your business and product. In retail settings, be sure the cash/wrap area is clean, adequately sized, efficient, and well staffed with people trained to affirm the buyer’s decision and ready to begin the process of customer service.

    Customers literally abandon the product in their hands and make a quick exit when they see long lines at a cash register.

  • Add unexpected value. Package your offering well and include an unexpected enclosure, be it a sincere thank-you note (not a one-size-fits-all preprinted card), a thank-you gift, an invitation to a new-customer event, a next-purchase certificate, or some other offer that inspires customer commitment to your business.