Snapchat Lingo You Need to Know for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

By Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng

Before you go jumping into Snapchat as part of your social media marketing strategy, you need to learn the lingo. Here are the terms you should know if you want to use Snapchat:

  • Snap: A photo or a 10-second video you take using Snapchat.
  • Story: A photo or a series of photos set up to last 24 hours before disappearing.
  • Chat: Comments back and forth with you and other members of your community.
  • Score: The number under your profile photo. Your score indicates the number of snaps you’ve shared and viewed.
  • Lens: Special effects such as a crown or a wreath that you can add to your selfies when you take your photo.
  • Memories: Published snaps saved to a special place so they live longer than the 24-hour viewing period.
  • Filter: Add to snaps to commemorate an event, such as a frame of garland to adorn your picture for a holiday snap.
  • Geofilter: Used for location-based events. For example, if you’re attending a music festival that is taking place in only one location, you can use a geofilter set up by the festival’s organizers. It might have a date, logo, and location.
  • Snapcode: Similar to a QR code, it’s used to add friends with the touch of a button.