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Lead Generation through Email Marketing: Keeping Emails Mobile-Friendly

By Dayna Rothman

According to digital marketing agency Knotice, 81 percent of people read emails on their mobile devices. However, MarketingSherpa reports that 58 percent of marketers are not designing emails to be mobile-friendly. Yikes! That is a huge opportunity that marketers are missing to reach leads and customers where they are reading — their phones and tablets.

When designing emails to be read on mobile devices, keep the following design options in mind:

  • Responsive: This is when the layout of your email responds and changes based on the proportions of the screen on which it is opened. Responsive design is a common technique for both email and website pages.

  • Scalable: The layout of your email should be clickable and readable even when it is reduced to a very small size — that is, on a mobile phone or tablet.

Media Queries, a CSS3 module that allows for content to adapt to screen size and resolution, can help you control the way your emails display on mobile devices. Keep the following in mind:

  • Mobile email is most often accessed on 320 px × 480 px screens.

  • If a device does not support responsive design, your emails will be scaled.

  • Your images should still be readable when resized, so check and see the minimum size for images allowed on various smartphones.

  • Pay attention to the language you use in your pre-header — the preview that appears on most mobile devices. You want to make sure you convey the right message.

  • Because most mobile readers tap items with their fingers, make your buttons large and easy to tap.