The Attributes of Values-Based Leadership - dummies

The Attributes of Values-Based Leadership

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Four basic attributes create the character of a values-based leader: self-reflection, grace, agility, and influencing responsibility. Each of these attributes has various components.

  • Self-reflection: The components of self-reflection are
    • Honesty: Uncovering your strengths, embracing your weaknesses
    • Authenticity: Saying and doing what you mean, leading by example
    • Making difficult decisions: Doing what’s right when it’s not convenient or comfortable
    • Ethical integrity: Keeping it all on the up and up, no matter what
  • Grace: The components of grace are
    • Servant leadership: Paving the way for others to succeed
    • Humility: Embracing “quiet confidence” rather than a rock star persona
    • Social distance: Bridging the power gap between you and others
  • Agility: Concepts relating to agility include
    • Five components of agility: Optimism, commitment to success, learning, focus, and innovation
    • Getting real: Unpacking your strengths and weaknesses
    • Failing: Learning from mistakes and missteps to ensure success
  • Influencing responsibly: This type of influence requires
    • Emulating values: Being a powerful example to everyone in the organization
    • Creating good: Supporting the community you serve and doing right by your employees