Conflict Resolution Resources for the Workplace - dummies

Conflict Resolution Resources for the Workplace

By Vivian Scott

Part of Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Resolving conflict at work starts with the employees, but some situations call for additional resources. If you find yourself in a situation that needs a little extra help, look to your organization’s internal experts or consider hiring an outside professional for conflict resolution.

  • Internal expertise:

    • Human Resources: Partner with HR to ferret out the resources your organization currently has in place and what the company may be willing to find or create for you.

    • Ombudsman: Turning to an ombudsman is a confidential way for all employees (including you!) to talk through existing problems and consider alternatives.

    • Shared neutrals: A panel of peers is a low-cost way to review, discuss, and mediate disputes.

  • External expertise:

    • Conflict coaches: Coaching employees through an existing conflict can also help them build skills to handle future difficulties.

    • Dispute Resolution Centers: A community resource can be a cost-effective way to harness conflict resolution expertise.

    • Mediators: A trained professional can effectively decipher issues and provide neutrality when you need it most.

    • Training organizations: Proactively training employees to address the inevitable workplace conflict saves time and money.