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Position Your Employment Brand to Attract Top Recruits

By Bob Kelleher

Branding can drive engagement among employees. Not surprisingly, however, branding can also play a part in helping you to attract engaged recruits. That’s why your organization’s marketing team should be working cheek and jowl with your staffing and resource teams to co-brand and co-publicize messages both internally and externally.

This way, you’ll entice the best recruits while at the same time making the strongest and best impression on potential new clients.

People want to work for a winner. Even during peak years of staff shortages in the early 2000s, General Electric, Google, Southwest Airlines, Microsoft, and other employers of choice in their respective industries had ample candidates from which to choose. Why? Because as brands, they were “winning.” Is your brand able to attract the best?

What are you doing to promote your business as a winning proposition? As with other areas of engagement, you need to set goals, measure and communicate them, and pursue them in a highly visible way. Are you seeking to enter the Top 100 Places to Work? If so, then you need to apply to the organizations and news outlets responsible for making that designation.

Even if you don’t succeed the first time around, be committed to telling your employees and the rest of the world that you’re a great place to work. With repetition and follow-up, your employees, customer base, and applicant pool will begin to believe it.