How to Move a Potential Customer to the Buying Decision - dummies

How to Move a Potential Customer to the Buying Decision

Make your business’s potential customers into actual customers by convincing potential customers to buy. Plan your business’s marketing communications to move potential customers to buy by using this general process:

  1. Introduce your business and build a good reputation.

    Your potential customers have to know and trust your business before they’ll buy. Advertising, mailers, publicity, networking, and presentations can reach prospects and those who influence your prospects’ decisions.

  2. Present your product as the answer to a need or desire.

    Prompt the prospect to request more information. Any information you put out to the public should include ways to contact you — including address, phone number, and Web site.

  3. Convey the value your offer represents.

    Set face-to-face meetings, share product samples, offer proposals, or take other steps to let the prospect see how your offering is better and more valuable than other alternatives.

  4. Present your offer.

    Give the prospect all the information he or she might need to make a decision — and be sure to include why your business is the right choice for him or her.

  5. Address questions the prospect may have.

    You want your customer to be satisfied with his or her purchase, so make sure you clarify any concerns or confusion. Help the customer reach a satisfying decision.

  6. Make the buying transaction an easy, enjoyable process.

    Provide a friendly environment, and don’t make the prospect feel pressured or that he or she is taking up your valuable time.

Don’t jump the gun. Plan each marketing communication to move prospects to the next step they will be willing to take on the buying decision path.