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For IBM SPSS Statistics, you won't have to worry about the minimum requirements for the computer, unless yours is an antique. After all, who doesn't have at least 256MB of RAM and 300MB of free disk space?

SPSS comes in a variety of flavors. They're fundamentally alike, but some versions have more parts than others. You may have all, some, or none of the add-ons available. In any case, you need an authorization code to enable whatever you do have. You'll need to authorize your base system, as well as any add-ons. You may have more than one authorization code — it depends on how your SPSS system is configured, which is determined by what parts are included with it.

More than one version of IBM SPSS Statistics 23 exists, for execution under different operating systems. IBM SPSS Statistics 23 for Windows can be run on a variety of Windows platforms, including Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 in either 32-bit or 64-bit. You can run IBM SPSS Statistics 23 for Mac on Macintosh 10.10 (Yosemite) or most recent versions of OS X in 64-bit. IBM SPSS Statistics 23 for Linux has been tested on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Debian 6.0, but it should also run on any sufficiently updated Linux system.

For the installation procedure to work, you must be logged into your Windows system with administrator privileges. You don't have to be logged in as an administrator, but whatever login you're using must have the privileges that the administrator has.

You should also be connected to the Internet. You can install SPSS without being connected, but it's a pain to do it that way. Make it easy on yourself and connect your computer to the Internet before you start. And keep it ­connected at least until you get SPSS installed.

In summary, before you begin the installation:

  • You must have access to your authorization code or codes.

  • You must have access to the serial number of your copy of SPSS.

  • You may also need to have access to your customer number.

  • You must be logged into your computer with administrator privileges.

  • For convenience, you probably want to be connected to the Internet.

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