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Perhaps you record a credit card charge in QuickBooks 2017 and then realize that you recorded it incorrectly. Or perhaps you shouldn’t have recorded it at all because you didn’t pay for the business lunch. (Someone else paid for it after one of those friendly arguments over who should pay the bill. You know the type of argument: “No, I insist.” “On the contrary, I insist.” You get the picture.)

You have to go into the Credit Card register and either edit or delete the charge by following these steps:

  1. Choose Lists → Chart of Accounts.

    You see the Chart of Accounts window.

  2. Double-click the credit card account where the faulty charge is.

    Like magic, the Credit Card register appears onscreen.

  3. Select the credit card transaction that you want to delete or change.

    That’s easy. Just move the cursor to the transaction.

  4. Void, delete, or edit the transaction, as follows:
    • To void the credit card transaction, choose Edit → Void Credit Card Charge and then click OK.
    • To delete the transaction, choose Edit → Delete Credit Card Charge. QuickBooks displays a message box that asks whether you really want to delete the transaction. Click OK.
    • To edit the transaction, click the Edit Transaction button at the top of the window. You return to the Enter Credit Card Charges window. Make your changes there and then click Save & New or Save & Close. You also can make changes inside the Credit Card register and then click Record when you’re done.

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