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Sometimes a problem you're experiencing with Word 2016 has to do with an add-on or extra feature. These features extend Word's capabilities, but they might also lead to problems. To ensure that the problem isn't with those extensions, you can run Word in Startup mode. (You can think of it as Naked mode, but Bill Gates frowned upon that naming suggestion.)

To run Word in Startup mode, follow these directions:

  1. Ensure that Word is closed. You can't enter Startup mode when Word is open.
  2. Press the Win+R keyboard shortcut. The Run dialog box appears.
  3. Type WINWORD /A into the box. WINWORD is Word's secret program name.
  4. Click OK.
Word starts normally at this point, minus any add-ons. If they were the source of woe, the problem should be gone. If not, try running Word in Safe Mode.

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